Dell Mini 9 Audio With Microphone without VoodooHDA (Snow 10.6.2 – 10.6.6)

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Dell Mini 9 Audio with Microphone without VoodooHDA (Snow 10.6.2 – 10.6.6)
I have been holding for Meklort to update the audio kext’s for functioning microphone input. Unfortunately,with the Netbook Installer 0.8.3 RC5, the built in mike still not functioning on Dell Mini 9. However, I did come across a thread by flames on that provides a kext that does make this work.

ALC268 legacy kext for /Extra/Extensions 32 & 64 bit – InsanelyMac Forum

Following these steps, I ended up with working audio:

  • 1-1- Backup the dsdt.aml from 0.8.3 RC5. (in /Extra folder)
  • 1-2- Decompile it using iASLMe
  • 1-3- Edit the decompiled file (dsdt.dsl) with TextWrangler and insert both blocks of code from flames.
  • 1-4- Recompile using iASLMe
  • 1-5- Backup existing dsdt.aml, and replace it with recompiled version. (in /Extra)
  • 1-6- Backup and remove AppleHDA.kext from /Extra/A90Ext/
  • 1-7- Place the original *unmodified* AppleHDA.kext in /Extra/A90Ext/ (usually in backup folders left by NetbookInstaller in /Extra.bak or in /System/Library/BackupExtensions)
  • 1-8- Place the ALC268.kext from flames in /Extra/A90Ext/
  • 1-9- Run /Extra/UpdateExtra
  • 1-10- Wait till it completes.
  • 1-11- Reboot and enjoy both microphone and functioning audio.
EDIT: Built-in microphone, as well as external microphone plug, and built-in audio, as well as external headphone plug all work. External audio devices properly turn off the internal microphone or audio. Quality is as good as it should be. And there are no sleep issues.
EDIT (for 10.6.3): This modification also works with the 10.6.3. Here are the instructions if you already had done this modification with 10.6.2:
EDIT (for 10.6.4): The following also works for 10.6.4. Install, boot with recovery=y typed at bottom of screen, after holding shift at boot, install meklort’s latest.

  • 2-1 Backup AppleHDA.kext and ALC268.kext from /Extra/A90Ext, or /Extra/Mini9Ext.
  • 2-2 Backup DSDT.aml from /Extra
  • 2-3 Download and install 10.6.3 (I used the Combo updater). DO NOT RESTART.
  • 2-4 Download and install NetbookInstaller 0.8.4 RC1 from Default settings.
  • 2-5 Backup meklort’s older AppleHDA.kext from /Extra/A90Ext, or /Extra/Mini9Ext.
  • 2-6 Replace meklort’s older AppleHDA.kext in /Extra/A90Ext, or /Extra/Mini9Ext with the one from step 2-1, and also put ALC268.kext in the same folder. No need to worry about the DSDT.aml, as meklort’s installer does not seem to modify that.
  • 2-7 Run /Extra/UpdateExtra. Wait until it completes (takes a very long time)
  • 2-8 Restart and enjoy sound and microphone.

If you had not done this before and you are still on 10.6.2, then;

  • 3-1 See if you have 10.6.2’s VIRGIN AppleHDA.kext (version 1.7.9a4, size 7,169,450) usually in backup folders left by NetbookInstaller in /Extra.bak or in /System/Library/BackupExtensions. Save it if you do.
  • 3-2 Upgrade to 10.6.3 following steps (2-3) to (2-5) immediately above. You can restart after.
  • 3-3 If you did not find the VIRGIN AppleHDA.kext from step (3-1), then obtain 10.6.2’s VIRGIN AppleHDA.kext (version 1.7.9a4, size 7,169,450) [Note that 10.6.3’s version 1.8.4fc3 will NOT work.]
  • 3-4 Follow instructions at the top (1 through 11) to install AppleHDA.kext (version 1.7.9a4), ALC268.kext, and DSDT.aml modifications. You can also follow more detailed instructions in later postings that provide better detail.
  • 3-5 Enjoy sound and microphone.

EDIT: Works with 10.6.5.
EDIT: Works with 10.6.6 (Jan 8, 2010)

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