Rostock Mini with Beaglebone Black Rev. C & LinuxCNC

The cost of build is ~$550, prices with taxes and shipping included. Folger Tech is selling a Kossel Mini for $399 which can also be upgraded to Beaglebone / LinuxCNC as shown here for a few dollars more. BOM is as follows, proceed at your own risk:

Fixing a squeaky MBP button

I had previously covered how my early MBP Retina (early 2013) had a squeaky command button here. Since the command buttons (⌘) and the space bar have a metal stabilization bar built-in, these keys tend to squeak. After investigating quite extensively, I could not find a good information source on how to get rid of […]

The MBP power button and 10.9.2

I used to have a 2010 MBP 17″, the best Mac I ever owned. It had a beautiful and functional sleep light, and a separate power button. Then, Apple removed both for Retina and the newer class of machines like the Air. Now, not only we no longer have the separate power button, but the […]

Why Target has lied to us, repeatedly

Well after Target claimed that it had taken care of the fraud problem in December of 2013, I used two credit cards at their Roosevelt, Chicago store the same day, on December 24th, 2013. Within the last week, both of these credit cards have been used for fraudulent charges. Canceling one of the cards and […]

Apple drops support for Snow Leopard

We still have two computers here running Snow, and they have been reliable work horses over the years. Snow Leopard was the last reliable and stellar operating system conceived while Steve was still at the helm, and it was indeed the high-water mark of Mac OS’s. What came after sucked badly, to put it lightly. […]

OS X 10.9.2: copy fails with error -36

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Today, Apple released 10.9.2. Unfortunately, however, it does not seem to have resolved the issue of having to key in your mail password repeatedly, as documented here, and on this site.

More importantly, 10.9.2 seems to have introduced a new bug that surfaces during Finder copy from local volumes to remote volumes on Mavericks server 3.0.2. Copies partially fail with error message -36. This new problem was not there with 10.9.1 & Server 3.0.2.

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Keyboard squeaks with 2013 MBP Retina 15″

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Super annoying. Interestingly, my 2010 MBP 17″ also had exactly the same thing with the same key.

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iPhone Stops Charging

Last week, I traveled to Dallas from Chicago. I brought with me an older, original Apple charger cable for my phone. First day, as I tried to charge my iPhone 4, it kept saying “accessory may not be supported”. After many tries, I got another cable from the hotel reception and tried to charge the […]

Mavericks Spontaneously Reboots

As we have previously reported here, the Gigabit adaptor frequently causes reboots. Today, we came across to an OS X behavior that we had seen at least once before. Today, the Finder’s menu bar essentially crashed, displaying beachball when pointer was over it. Attempting to restart the MBP Retina resulted in hanging with a white […]

Music Play Randomization In iTunes

iTunes has always been the consistently most unreliable software from Apple. Ever since acquiring SoundJam and releasing it as iTunes on January 9th, 2001, Apple has been constantly rebuilding this behemoth, with very mixed results. Earlier on up till perhaps version 6, iTunes had significant issues playing music without stutter, which in itself is possibly the biggest […]