Mavericks Server 3.0

After two long weeks since its release, the Mavericks server (3.0) is still broken. VPN is broken “Post Mavericks (server) upgrade, vpn has stopped working. Any suggestions?“ Mavericks client with Mavericks server is broken. As reported, Mavericks server works just fine with 10.4.1 through 10.8.5 clients, but it has difficulties with Mavericks clients. In essence, […]



Network Users Cannot Login – Server 3.0 – Take 4

To summarize our collective misery so far: ML server + ML & Mavericks clients – OK Mavericks server + ML clients – OK Mavericks server + Mavericks clients – Broken For the SMB transport thing, I tried: Force smb1 on a client by following this. In essence creating a file named nsmb.conf in /etc directory containing: [default] smb_neg=smb1_only -> […]

Network Users Cannot Login – Server 3.0 – Take 3

I understand some of my issues now, a little better: In respect to the mystery surrounding the entry in my logs that I previously mentioned, I found it in the directory utlitity (System/Library/Core Services) using Services/ select & edit / Search & mappings / Read from server. It is incorrectly looking for a search […]



Network Users Cannot Login – Server 3.0 – Take 2

The only solution so far I could find was following Apple’s instructions for the removal of the server here. Once I removed, I redid the server settings. I did not reinstall anything, but the re-setting the server was long and painful. Now we are up again, after many wasted hours. I can login to all accounts […]

Mavericks Server Blues

After installing Mavericks on my OS X server, I was generally impressed with the smooth install. However, the current version of the server software would not run, resulting in a $19.99 purchase of the version 3 of the server software from the App Store. Unfortunately, however, 10 hours after that purchase, my server is still […]



Network Users Cannot Login – Server 3.0

I am having this same issue with multiple clients. The issue seems to be related to x.local, and your domain name being convulted during the upgrade and sidelining your certificate, with no apparent way to bring it back. Additionally, there seems to be no way to create a new user, it borks out.I cannot add […]

Patching The BIOS of Intel DH87MC

I have just successfully patched (unlocked) my Intel Haswell motherboard’s (DH87MC) UEFI BIOS using a RaspberryPi Model B as an SPI programmer. Posting how I did here for other people who may have no option but to go down this path. Warning, this is not for the faint hearted, or people who have no experience in […]



15″ MBP Retina in VGA Mode

I make quite a bit presentations with my Retina 15″, and I noticed that if I am using Keynote, or any other application that changes the graphics from the integrated to the discrete, resolution is set in that particular video solution’s set-up. As an example, I plug in an older projector at 600×800 resolution through […]

Mobile Client Sync Causes Lock Out

Using the Mobile Client home folder synchronization for Apple Server/Client synchronizes files that it probably should not synchronize, possibly causing login problems. At attempted login: Machine wakes up successfully. Mouse can move, but you cannot bring the login dialog to the front as mouse clicking does not do anything Typing does not do anything Cannot […]



MacBook “Pro” Retina Impressions – Take 2

I appreciate the commentary that I received in response to my list of 10 things that I dislike about my new Retina. I’d hate to put more fuel into the fire, but I figured some of this feedback needs clarification: I spent three of the last four weeks away from home on three different continents. […]