The MBP power button and 10.9.2

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I used to have a 2010 MBP 17″, the best Mac I ever owned. It had a beautiful and functional sleep light, and a separate power button. Then, Apple removed both for Retina and the newer class of machines like the Air. Now, not only we no longer have the separate power button, but the power button is placed right next to the delete key. You don’t have to be particularly bright to figure out that putting the power key right next to one of the most used keys on the keyboard is not a good idea. And it also chips away the utility and clarity of a nice, separate power button. And the sleep light, I guess they figured nobody would miss it.

Good Design
Bad Design

Here is the kicker. Since a lot of people hit that power button accidentally putting the machine to sleep, the geniuses at Apple now decided to fix this problem once-for-all by introducing a delay at the power button before any action goes into effect. So starting with 10.9.2, you now have to hold the power button a couple seconds to put the machine to sleep. But be careful, if you hold it a tad bit too long, that power button will restart the machine instead of sleeping it. This is true buffoonery.

In summary, the new Apple modus operandi appears to be:

  1. Degrade the product and software, cause tons of problems.
  2. Try to patch it up.
  3. Repeatedly go back to Step 2.

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The MBP power button and 10.9.2, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating