Why Target has lied to us, repeatedly

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Well after Target claimed that it had taken care of the fraud problem in December of 2013, I used two credit cards at their Roosevelt, Chicago store the same day, on December 24th, 2013. Within the last week, both of these credit cards have been used for fraudulent charges.

Canceling one of the cards and next day air shipping a replacement cost me $35. So I called Target to get a reimbursement. During the conversation with the first person, he said the bank can call and ask for that. Then I call my bank, and we together call Target to get that reimbursement. Nope. They will not reimburse.

Like everything else, I will vote with my checkbook, and I will never go back to Target. Target sucks for lying.


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Why Target has lied to us, repeatedly, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating