Apple drops support for Snow Leopard

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We still have two computers here running Snow, and they have been reliable work horses over the years. Snow Leopard was the last reliable and stellar operating system conceived while Steve was still at the helm, and it was indeed the high-water mark of Mac OS’s. What came after sucked badly, to put it lightly.

Lion was so bad, it created nothing but a huge backlash from Mac power users, the only people that matter, not the people hanging out at Starbucks with their cool aluminum Macs. Moving onto Mountain Lion cleaned up the mess, and eased the pain, but dumbing down the OS and the hide-and-seek user interface just kept taking their toll.

The final nail in the coffin was Mavericks. Buggiest OS that Apple ever released, even at 10.9.2, it is plagued with numerous SMB and Mail issues. The matching Server 3 achieved the lowest ratings on the Apple store with a whopping 1.5 stars. If your product is rated 1.5 stars, you pretty much know your product sucks. To add insult to the injury, all this with grandiose words coming from Tim Cook regarding Apple’s committment for its Mac product line during its 30th year anniversary. What a joke.

So in the light of this, what do we think about Apple quietly dropping support for its best OS by not issuing an update since September 2013? We think it is a dumb decision in a series of many dumb decisions. Insanely bad.


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