iPhone Stops Charging

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Last week, I traveled to Dallas from Chicago. I brought with me an older, original Apple charger cable for my phone. First day, as I tried to charge my iPhone 4, it kept saying “accessory may not be supported”. After many tries, I got another cable from the hotel reception and tried to charge the phone. With no success, the phone ran out charge that night. [As a side note, iOS7 has been chewing up the battery real fast.]

The next day, I tried the most obvious thing, removing lint from the port. Inside the hotel room, there weren’t too many tools available, naturally. Many people online recommend using a toothbrush. So, wash my toothbrush. Then using the room hair dryer, I dry the toothbrush. We would not want to trip that water damage sensor, would we?

Then clean the lint. Try charging again with no success. Repeat endlessly. Finally, drive to Dallas Knox street Apple store to get a second opinion. The greeting person looks at the phone, and immediately declares that the phone has sustained water damage. That gets me excited, and I say, “no, it has not seen water damage. And are you aware that Apple has been sued and lost about incorrect indications of the water damage sensor?” Nope, not aware. Then I say, “can I get a qualified opinion from an Apple genius.” She says, “if you don’t respect my opinion, sure.”

OK, I don’t respect your opinion, because I know as a matter of fact that you are wrong. So, I get an appointment, walk over to Chuy’s next door to have excellent Fajitas for lunch. Come back and see the genius. By this time, the water damage farce has become absolute fact because she has graciously added that opinion to my appointment record. The genius that shows up is kind and sharp. He does his best to clean port. He points out the fact that the screen has been replaced with a third party screen, so the phone would not be eligible for replacement. Contrary to the water damage farce, this bit is true. But I am not interested in replacing my now pretty dysfunctional iPhone 4 (thanks to iOS 7) with a brand new iPhone 4 for $200 anyway. Once we confirm that the phone is still not charging despite his best efforts, I say thank you. I walk out next door to T-Mobile, which is my cellular carrier.

I cough up a premium of $47 for the privilege buying a Nexus 5 now, without having to wait for 2-3 weeks if I were to purchase directly from the Google Play store. T-Mobile charges $396 versus the $349 Google Play Store price. For this privilege, I also end up with a locked phone, which can be unlocked in 3 months as there is no contract. But I tell you what, Nexus 5 is a beautiful experience, and after following Apple loyally for 29 years, I vote with my check book that I don’t support this new, greedy, Apple.

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