Network Users Cannot Login – Server 3.0 – Take 3

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I understand some of my issues now, a little better:

  1. In respect to the mystery surrounding the entry in my logs that I previously mentioned, I found it in the directory utlitity (System/Library/Core Services) using Services/ select & edit / Search & mappings / Read from server. It is incorrectly looking for a search base that has not been in existence for a while, and it apparently resurrected it from dead somehow during the Server 3.0 installation. The same evidence can be found in abundence in /etc/openldap -> config files. Once I edit it in the directory utility, it will not allow me to write it back to server no matter what I do, with authentication failures, so, there does not seem to be any solution but to reinstall yet one more time. More importantly, however, there is no indication of this in the server setup. You only see it in the logs.
  2. I can only log into the server when I set it up as “local”, as in y.local, and use my domain only for email and domain server set-up. Then most things work. This may be related to point #1.
  3. I have local access to the server machine with all accounts, I also have ML client access. I do not have access from mobile Mavericks client. However, here is the strange bit. Since I cannot log in from the mobile account, I turned off the “join account server” on that machine. Once I log in, however, it continues to sync, or at least attempted sync between accounts.

We are on Day 6, but still haven’t been able to resolve these issues.

UPDATE [Oct-29-2013]: Despite a week’s worth of my best efforts, I cannot make this thing work. It is simply broken, and I believe it is possibly one of the worst software releases that Apple has ever made. What good is a server that you cannot log in to?

Just as a tip for future reference that I myself learned the hard way, here is how I cover my back to revert:

  1. Before any major update, I make a carbon copy backup clone of the boot partition on a sparseimage image.
  2. If I run aground, I can revert back within 5-10 minutes. (All of my data sits on other partitions / drives.)

I made a clone of the my server partition before I installed the server 3.0, and separately, after the initial install. In-between experiments, I brought the server to its previous state from the clone image.

Of course this did not solve any of the problems caused by this subpar software. I still wasted many 10s of hours. It just provided an easy exit strategy, and a way to maintain service.

UPDATE 2 [Oct-30-2013]: Could it be that switching to SMB2 in Mavericks is the culprit, as documented here and here?

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