Mail Keeps Asking For Password

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This is a very irritating problem. The solution is to log into your client, open Keychain, run Keychain First Aid under file menu. If it fails to find your keychain, note the path, mount the disk that it is looking for, and rerun.

In short, you need to have the disk that your keychain is sitting on mounted. While your user account is mounted, Maveriks cannot match the reference path. Looking like a bug.


My folder sits on a second disk on server. It is properly setup in the Mavericks server.

On the server, it is locally referred to as: /Volumes/my_disk/Users/my_user. I can log in to mail on the server when I log in with my user name.

In the workgroup manager, the same location is referred to as: afp://my_server.local/Users/my_user (or smb) /Network/Servers/my_server.local/Volumes/my_disk/Users/my_user

So this is the network path. So the client should be looking for that. But instead, it looks for the local disk, which is not mounted as such. In other words, it looks for:


instead of


To eliminate this problem, you mount the volume on the client, so it can find. I will keep the editorial to myself, but this is not quality software.

Mail Keeps Asking For Password

Mail Keeps Asking For Password – Take 2

Mail Keeps Asking For Password – Take 3

Mail Keeps Asking For Password – Take 4

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