Mail Keeps Asking For Password – Take 4

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Reading through everything here (especially earlier posts until resolutions appear) is helpful. What made everything work for me is detailed there, but in very short summary:

  1. Running server as .local
  2. Running DNS on server, and all manually entered.
  3. All clients are using the server as DNS.
  4. Any changes you make to the name under which you serve, kinda requires you blow away the open directory and redo. Reinstalling the server does not do much, but blowing away the open directory resets everything (and yes, users too), and cleans up the mess.

However, everything does not work. Mail <-> Keychain problems remain with Maverick 10.9.1 / Server 3.0.2 as I stated previously.
I can go on a rant here regarding Apple not being what it used to be, and starting with Lion, every piece of software that came out of Apple for Mac had been subpar and buggy, not unlike M$. But after spending way too many hours to resolve these issues, I try to keep all that frustration bottled up. My opinion, however, is that Maverick 10.9.1 / Server 3.0.2 is basically unacceptable junk.

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