Past Peak Apple?

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Just to chime in my 2¢ regarding Apple’s announcements.

  • Don’t care about retina display. Sure, I like more pixels just like the next guy. But I cannot see them, especially considering that I am not 20 anymore. I do like my 17″ MacBook Pro, because it has the highest density of pixels before retina, and it has a 17″ display. Now, they have an even higher density (don’t need), but not size (need). More importantly, with the retina display pricing, you are paying for a 17″, but getting a 15″. This is a sad joke.
  • For those of you thinking that more pixels will substitute for size, would you rather take a 30″ desktop screen with normal resolution, or a 15″ desktop screen of equal number of pixels with retina? I suspect most of us would opt for the 30″ screen. I know I would. Having said that, if I can get more pixels at the same physical size, I also would prefer that. So, if I could take the liberty to (over) generalize, we all like more pixels, but most of us professional/power users will need size more.
  • Lion significantly regressed in software quality and in usability from Snow Leopard. I could not be less excited about the new features of Mountain Lion. I simply hope that they get rid of the bugs and fix the usability issues. But I know that’s not happening. Paying $20 for features I do not need and bug fixes that I will not get is not exciting.
  • I find the fact that many iPhone iOS 6 features are not migrating to iPhone 4 as downright un-Apple.
  • Lack of a decent Mac Pro upgrade is just another indicator that Apple now cares more for the bulk of the market (let’s call it the lowest common denominator) and less for the professionals and demanding users at the fringes of the envelope. I happen to know another company that has had this perspective, and its name is, you guessed it, Microsoft. Sad.

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