Mid-2010 MBP 17″ Optical Input

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Regarding the Digital Audio In capability of the mid-2010 MacBook Pro’s, has anybody been able to make it work? While this feature was introduced with the previous generation, this is the first Mac that I bought that has this feature.

When I connect my TOSLink optical cable (with the proper adaptor) between the output of the my brand new MacBook Pro 17″ and my amplifier’s optical input, I get working audio. When I connect my amplifier’s out (optical) to the audio in of the Mac, all I get is crackling noise. Booting up in Windows XP, and trying the same, ends up with identical results. Analog audio in and out work fine.

I tried using another Mac’s optical output as input to my new Mac, but that does not even trigger my new Mac to switch to digital in.

After a conversation with Apple support, I had a follow-up trip to the Genius bar here in Chicago. Despite Apple genius Brandon’s best efforts, we could not make my Mac’s digital audio-in work. We tried it with two other Macs there, and they did not work either.

Does anyone have a clue?

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