$19.95 Mac-OS-Up-To-Date Package

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I ordered the 10.1 upgrade package within the first hour of availability last week by sending a fax to the South Bend, IN, order desk. I live 30 miles away from South Bend. The package showed up this afternoon shipped via ground. There is not a whole lot there on top of the free upgrade that I obtained on Saturday at a CompUSA store. The booklet is identical. There is a couple of additional pamphlets as well as proof of purchase coupons. The 10.1 disk is identical. The 9.2.1 disk is different. This appears to be the full 9.2.1, even though I did not check it out. The only other item in the package is the developer disk. So, the 6-12 week lead time that was on the fax form was rather exaggerated.

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