15″ MBP Retina in VGA Mode

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I make quite a bit presentations with my Retina 15″, and I noticed that if I am using Keynote, or any other application that changes the graphics from the integrated to the discrete, resolution is set in that particular video solution’s set-up.

As an example, I plug in an older projector at 600×800 resolution through a (DisplayPort) VGA adapter, and it defaults to mirror mode, makes a big mess with icons. After presentation, I unplug the VGA adapter, and quit the application, and I change the resolution in preferences back to what I want. Reboot later on, and the machine initially boots at 600×800 until the login screen.

The reason why this is happening, at least until and including 10.8.4, is that when I reset the resolution, it is done when integrated video is in effect, not the discrete, which is what seems to be in effect in the early stages of the boot. To clean up the mess, you need to launch an application that forces discrete graphics back on, and then change the resolution again. Then it sticks.

Using gfxCardStatus to figure out whether integrated or discrete in effect, and change resolutions perhaps for both may help. A bit of a shame in software quality.

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