MacBook “Pro” Retina Impressions

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MacBook “Pro” Retina impressions. (Probably the last Mac I will ever buy after being a loyal customer for three decades.)

  • Dude, where is my gigabit ethernet port?
  • Where do I insert my CD?
  • Why do some media show up in quarter size in full screen? Oh, that’s retina. Doh!
  • Updating a knowledge base document named “Avoiding Image Persistence on Apple Displays” does not help at all.
  • Right speaker rattles. Yep, got it replaced. The right one still rattles. All of the 10’s of MacBook Pros in the store I tested also rattle. (Yours doesn’t? Then download free version of Audio Toolbox and stress-test your speakers at 500 Hz.) Apparently, speaker quality is no longer a concern. It’s fine as long as you use half volume or less. Oh, that subwoofer in the MacBook Pro 17-inch is a distant memory. Price of progress, or collateral damage, as some might call it.
  • Are we on a diet for ports on a “Pro” machine? What happened to the third USB port and the FW800 port? That’s right, you don’t need them at Starbucks.
  • There is a dongle for everything. Ethernet, check; FW, check; FW800, check check; DVI, check; VGA, check check. $29/each solves the dongle issue. Just pack them separately for TSA in a plastic bag. Nickel and dime is the answer.
  • What remote control? The IR sensor has been removed. Professionals using the “Pro” don’t need to make presentations, do they? Maybe we should change the name. MacBook Helium, instead of Pro.
  • Less, still for 2,200 bucks. Good luck with that battery, too, since replacement costs now $200, and if you dent your top case, you are out $400. Because gluing battery to the top case is the answer to the question that no one asked.
  • Dude, where is my 17-inch screen?

If I sound a bit bitter with all this sarcasm, it is because I am. If I hadn’t already dinged the top case within the first week, I would have returned this puppy and instead opted for a refurb 17-inch. Big mistake on my part.

Just to add insult to the injury, the last time I took it back to Apple for audio rattle (last Saturday, still within the return window), the genius wrote down “issue appears to be within spec after comparing to other models”. Sad.

Continuation of this is here.

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