Finder 10.7.4 Bug

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I have noticed yet another ‘new feature’ that I believe negatively impacts usability. I believe it was implemented probably in the most recent system software update (10.7.4).

I am running my own application on more than one machine simultaneously. This application (let’s call it MyApp) writes its own application support file as:

/Library/Application Support/MyApp/MyDataFile.txt

When you double click on this file, it opens correctly.

Now, if I mount my second machine over the network and try to access the same file on second machine by double clicking:

/Volumes/MyOtherMachine/Library/Application Support/MyApp/MyDataFile.txt

a file opens, except it is not what you clicked on. It is instead:

/Library/Application Support/MyApp/MyDataFile.txt

It does this without informing the user. And it does it every time. The only way to open the file on the second machine over the network is to actually open it from within an application so that Finder does not play switch-a-roo on you.

I understand Apple is doing this so that it can circumvent any error in accessing system files in Application Support. But I believe this is a serious breach in Finder usability.

UPDATE: Here is the video:

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