Thunderbolt Gigabit Ethernet

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I have been using Apple’s Thunderbolt Gigabit Ethernet adapter for about 10 months now with my 15″ Retina (Early 2013), and I have had some interesting experiences. The Thunderbolt Gigabit adapter was buggy with Mountain Lion, but is equally buggy with Mavericks. When the adapter is used, these are typical:

  • Machine frequently does not wake up. This happens even if the Thunderbolt adapter has been unplugged while the machine was awake, or unplugged while sleeping.
  • Machine frequently tries to wake up, after about a minute, it kernel panics, and spontaneously reboots, and files a report with Apple.
  • If the power nap feature is enabled, things get nastier. On at least one occasion, I found my machine going full blast and rather hot in the morning with a fully bright screen displaying a large broken folder. Console indicates machine woke up and tried to make a network connection, and failed where it should have succeeded. All downhill after that.

In summary, light use of the adapter causes two or more forced reboots and kernel panics per week both with Mountain Lion and Mavericks. I will be filing this with Apple bug reports.

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