Mavericks Server 3.0

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After two long weeks since its release, the Mavericks server (3.0) is still broken.

  • VPN is broken
    Post Mavericks (server) upgrade, vpn has stopped working. Any suggestions?
  • Mavericks client with Mavericks server is broken. As reported, Mavericks server works just fine with 10.4.1 through 10.8.5 clients, but it has difficulties with Mavericks clients. In essence, the Mavericks client typically cannot login to the Mavericks server resulting in a shaking password box. This is probably related to transport modifications away from AFP, and a move towards SMB2, but it has been very difficult to pin down the circumstances which trigger this.
    unable to get network users working in server 3

Unfortunately, there is no way to run the ML version of the server (version 2.2.2) under Mavericks. Too bad, as that was working just fine prior to a forced update to version 3.0 for Mavericks. Incidentally, the 2.2.2 version of the server running on Mountain Lion also works fine with Mavericks clients.

Moral of the story -> Do not upgrade your server to Mavericks, yet.

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