Mail Keeps Asking For Password – Take 4

Reading through everything here (especially earlier posts until resolutions appear) is helpful. What made everything work for me is detailed there, but in very short summary: Running server as .local Running DNS on server, and all manually entered. All clients are using the server as DNS. Any changes you make to the name under which you serve, kinda requires […]

Mail Keeps Asking For Password – Take 3

10.9.1 broke this again. Following this solves the problem. But it does not stick. If you log into to your server with the same user, and launch mail, you’re back to square one. Mail <-> Keychain interaction in server-client set-up remains badly broken. UPDATE: The problem is still here with 10.9.1 and server 3.0.2. The only solution I […]

Mail Keeps Asking For Password – Take 2

I permanently solved it using these instructions, in particular the ones under repair access control. In summary this is what you need to do: Open your keychain on client. Select login and Passwords respectively on the left panel boxes. For each and every email account, get info (command I) and under Access Control, add the I noticed I had more than […]

Mavericks Server 3.0

After two long weeks since its release, the Mavericks server (3.0) is still broken. VPN is broken “Post Mavericks (server) upgrade, vpn has stopped working. Any suggestions?“ Mavericks client with Mavericks server is broken. As reported, Mavericks server works just fine with 10.4.1 through 10.8.5 clients, but it has difficulties with Mavericks clients. In essence, […]

Network Users Cannot Login – Server 3.0 – Take 4

To summarize our collective misery so far: ML server + ML & Mavericks clients – OK Mavericks server + ML clients – OK Mavericks server + Mavericks clients – Broken For the SMB transport thing, I tried: Force smb1 on a client by following this. In essence creating a file named nsmb.conf in /etc directory containing: [default] smb_neg=smb1_only -> […]

Network Users Cannot Login – Server 3.0 – Take 3

I understand some of my issues now, a little better: In respect to the mystery surrounding the entry in my logs that I previously mentioned, I found it in the directory utlitity (System/Library/Core Services) using Services/ select & edit / Search & mappings / Read from server. It is incorrectly looking for a search […]