Mountain Lion

Intel DH87MC + i5-4670k (Haswell) Hackintosh

Installed as Server, but also will work the same for 10.8.4, without the server. UPDATE: Now running 10.9 Server. I have been building Hackintosh boxes for several years now. I originally favored microATX format. After 4 different hacks, and being a Mac user since the early days, I came to the conclusion that most of the […]

Mountain Lion Gripes

After using Mountain Lion since its release, here is my gripe list, in no particular order. Some of these issues are older than ML:. Whole disk encryption is half baked. Disk Utility can not reliably handle them. When whole disk encryption is used, recovery partition does not show up during start-up with the option key, […]

Mountain Lion Bugs

Bugs: Finder selections do not stick. Add ‘label’ to a list view, sort by label, after a restart the machine, you may need to add it again. With Lion and prior, hitting tab and entering password worked. With ML, hit tab, enter password misses the first character. Interestingly, this works just fine on a Hackintosh. […]

OS X 10.8.1 And Backup

Successfully updated one machine to 10.8.1. In order to move the installer to my second machine, I connected my three-partition drive to the second machine. My backup partition on that drive is encrypted. I entered the password (I know, I know, not necessary since I don’t need that partition, but what could go wrong, right?) […]